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Fine Line Tattoos

Fine Line Tattoos are made of thin lines that are made of the outline. Even without the shading and color, fine line tattoos still offer great detail. 

What are fine line tattoos?

Fine line tattoos are done with a very small needle configuration of 1 to 3 needles, unlike traditional tattoos that are completed with a large cluster of needles.  At this time, I only offer black ink.

You may NOT need a touch up, depending on placement, healing, aftercare, and sun exposure. Touch up appointments are free for the first one.

It is important to recognize that tattoos on the hands and feet are notorious for not holding ink as well as other areas of the body, which will put them at a higher risk of having poor retention and fading over time.  It is also important to know that certain areas such as wrists, ankles, hands, feet and inside the elbow are more prone to ink "blow outs" due to the thin skin on these areas. (A "blow out" is when the ink looks as if it is spreading in the skin.) I tell you this information so you can make an informed decision for yourself.  

Request Fine Line Tattoo

Fine line tattoos must be approved before you can schedule an appointment. Please submit your tattoo request by e-mailing and include an image, size estimate and availability and we'll get back to you on scheduling and availability! I am super flexible so if text is preferred go ahead @ 405-821-9085.

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