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Eyes and Brows

Frequently Asked Questions

Which option is best for me?

Each service is unique. Visit our services page for more details on each service based on your skin type. Please message me with any questions.

Is powder for certain skin types?

Powder is a great choice for most skin types. Powder brows have a less bold, powdery look when healed. It will age the most gracefully. Also, after 3-4 years you can come in for quick touch ups for maintenance. 

How important is aftercare?

It is one of the most important parts of the treatment. Following your aftercare closely will extend the length between touch ups and result in a more beautiful healed brow. 

Who is microblading the best fit for?

This is for someone who is looking for a hair stroke look. It is achieved using a hand tool. It is typically not enough for most people who fill their brows in daily. I do not provide this service for clients with oily or mature skin types, as the pigment can migrate. This technique is usually lasts 1-2 years or until another touch up is needed.

What is a combo brow?

Combo brows are a beautiful choice. You use hair like microblading strokes at the front of the brow in combination with the powder brow to give a beautiful ombre effect. . This can be done on most skin types. Touch ups will take place every few years. 

Is there a cancellation policy?

Yes. No show or less than 24 hour notice will result in full payment of service. 

What Our Clients Say


I had a great experience at A+ Cosmetic Studio! Amanda provided a fun yet professional environment for my treatment. She was constantly asking how I was tolerating the treatment and making sure I was comfortable. She had incredible attention to detail and made the experience very enjoyable. She absolutely exceeded all of my expectations. It is incredible what eyebrows can for for your appearance. Don't walk, run folks!!!
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